(P – performance, R – rehearsal, MC – master class)


Bach – Concerto for two violins D min                                (P) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Beethoven – Coriolan Overture                                          (P) Wellington Chamber Orchestra

Beethoven – Egmont Overture                                           (MC) NZSO National Youth Orchestra

Beethoven – Piano Concerto no. 3                                      (P) Wellington Chamber Orchestra

Beethoven – Symphony no. 1                                             (MC) Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Beethoven – Symphony no. 3                                            (P) Wellington Chamber Orchestra

Beethoven – Symphony no. 5                                            (R) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Beethoven – Symphony no. 6                                            (P) St Matthews Chamber Orchestra

Beethoven – Symphony no. 9                                            (R) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Berlioz – Symphony Fantastique                                        (R) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Bernstein – Candide Overture                                            (P) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Bernstein – Chichester Psalms                                           (P) VWO/NZSM/Orpheus

Bernstein – “On the Town” Suite                                         (P) NZSSSO

Bizet – Suite nos. 1 and 2 from Carmen                            (P) Wellington Chamber Orchestra

Borodin – In the Steppes of Central Asia                           (P) Wellington Chamber Orchestra

Borodin – Symphony no. 2                                                  (P) Wellington Chamber Orchestra

Brahms – Academic Festival Overture                               (R) Victoria University Orchestra

Brahms – Variations on a theme by Haydn                        (P) St Matthews Chamber Orchestra

Brahms – Hungarian Dances nos. 5 and 6                         (P) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Brahms – Symphony no. 1                                                  (MC) NZSO Master Class

Brahms – Symphony no. 2                                                  (P) National Schools’ Orchestra

Brahms – Violin Concerto                                                    (P) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Bruckner – Symphony no. 4                                                  (R) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Camilleri – Maltese Dances                                                 (P) NZSSSO

Chopin – Piano Concerto no.1                                            (P) Wellington Chamber Orchestra

Copland – Fanfare for the Common Man                          (P) Charity Orchestra

Copland – Hoe Down                                                           (P) Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

Copland – Quiet City                                                            (P) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Debussy – La Mer                                                                (R) Victoria University Orchestra

Debussy –  L’Apres-midi d’un faune                                  (R) Victoria University Orchestra

Debussy – Nocturnes                                                          (R) Wellington Youth Orchestra

De Falla – Ritual Fire dance                                                 (P) Orchestra Wellington

Dvorak – Carnival Overture                                                 (P) National Schools’ Orchestra

Dvorak – Czech Dances                                                      (P) Wellington College Orchestra

Dvorak – Slavonic Dance no. 7                                          (P) Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Dvorak – Slavonic Dance no. 8                                          (P) Charity Orchestra

Dvorak – Symphony no. 6                                                   (P) NZSSSO

Dvorak – Symphony no. 8                                                   (MC) Sibelius Academy Orchestra

Dvorak – Symphony no. 9                                                   (P) National Schools’ Orchestra

Elgar – String Serenade                                                        (MC) Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Faure – Fantasie for Piano and Orchestra                                    (P) APO Summer School

Faure – Pelleas and Melisande                                          (P) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Fiocco – Arioso                                                                     (P) Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Frank – Symphony in D Minor                                            (P) APO Summer School

Gliere – Russian Sailor’s Dance                                         (P) Manakau Symphony Orchestra

Glinka – Russlan and Ludmilla Overture                           (P) Wellington Chamber Orchestra

Grieg – Peer Gynt Suite no. 1                                             (P) Orchestra Wellington

Grieg – Piano Concerto in A Minor                                     (P) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Grohdahl – Trombone Concerto                                        (P) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Handel – Entry of the Queen of Sheba                              (P) Charity Orchestra

Haydn – Cello concerto No. 2                                             (P) St Matthews Chamber Orchestra

Handel – Let the Bright Seraphim                                       (P) Victoria University Orchestra

Haydn – Trumpet Concerto                                                 (P) National Schools’ Orchestra

Haydn – Symphony no. 103                                                           (MC) Czech Republic

Hindemith – Konzertmusik for Winds and Brass              (R) Victoria University Orchestra

Hindemith – Symphonic Metamorphoses                         (R) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Khachaturian – Piano Concerto                                          (R) Victoria University Orchestra

Khachaturian – Sabre Dance                                              (P) Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

Kodaly – Dances of Galanta                                                           (MC) Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Liszt – Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2                                      (MC) Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Liszt – Piano Concerto no. 2                                               (P) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Massenet – Meditation                                                         (P) Victoria University Orchestra

Mendelssohn – Fingals Cave Overture                             (P) St Matthews Chamber Orchestra

Mendelssohn – Midsummer Night’s Dream                      (MC) Czech Republic

Mendelssohn – Finale from Symphony No 4                    (P) Victoria University Orchestra

Mozart – Concerto for Bassoon                                          (P) St Matthews Chamber Orchestra

Mozart – Overture to Don Giovanni                                                (P) Wellington College Orchestra

Mozart – Overture to Marriage of Figaro                           (P) Orchestra Wellington

Mozart – Symphony No. 35                                                             (P) Wellington Chamber Orchestra

Mussorgsky – Night on Bare Mountain                              (P) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Mussorgsky – Pictures at an Exhibition                             (R) Victoria University Orchestra

Nielsen – Flute Concerto                                                     (R) Victoria University Orchestra

Offenbach – Overture Orpheus and the Underworld       (P) Manakau Symphony Orchestra

Offenbach – The Tales of Hoffmann                                  (P) Wellington G & S production: Orchestra Wellington.

Poulenc – Petit Suite                                                            (R) Victoria University Orchestra

Prokofiev – Piano Concerto no. 1                                       (P) Wellington Chamber Orchestra

Prokofiev – Troika                                                                 (P) Orchestra Wellington

Puccini – O’ Mio Babino Caro                                              (P) Charity Orchestra

Rachmaninov – Piano Concerto no. 2                                (P) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Ravel – Bolero                                                                       (P) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Ravel – Ma Mere L’oye                                                        (MC) Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Reineke – Flute Concerto                                                    (P) National Schools’ Orchestra

Respighi – Church Windows                                               (R) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Respighi – Fountains of Rome                                           (R) Victoria University Orchestra

Respighi – Pines of Rome                                                   (P) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Ritchie, John – Clarinet Concertino                                                (P) Wellington Chamber Orchestra

Rossini – Overture to Italian Girl in Algiers                         (P) Wellington Chamber Orchestra

Rota – Trombone Concerto                                                            (P) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Saint-Saens – Carnival of the Animals                               (P) Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Saint-Saens – Organ Symphony                                        (P) Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Schoenberg – Pierrot Lunair                                                           (P) Victoria University

Shostakovich – Jazz Suites nos. 1 and 2                          (P) RNZAF Central Band

Shostakovich – Symphony no. 1                                         (P) National Schools’ Orchestra

Shostakovich – Symphony no. 9                                         (R) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Sibelius – Finlandia                                                              (P) Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

Sibelius – Symphony no. 5                                                  (R) Victoria University Orchestra

Smetana –     Die Moldau,                                                   (P) Wellington Chamber Orchestra

Strauss, J – Trish Trash Polka                                            (P) Orchestra Wellington

Strauss, R – Death and Transfiguration                            (MC) Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Strauss, R – Serenade for Winds op 7                              (P) Wellington Chamber Orchestra

Stravinsky – Circus Polka                                                    (P) Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

Stravinsky – Firebird – Finale                                               (P) Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

Stravinsky – Firebird – Infernal Dance                                (P) Orchestra Wellington

Stravinsky – Pulcinella                                                         (P) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Stravinsky – Soldiers Tale excerpts                                               (P) Victoria University

Stravinsky – Suites 1 and 2 for Small Orchestra               (P) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Suk – String Serenade                                                         (P) St Matthews Chamber Orchestra

Suppe – Light Cavalry Overture                                         (MC) Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Takemitsu – Fantasma/Cantos II                                        (P) National Schools’ Orchestra

Tchaikovsky – 1812 Overture                                              (R) Victoria University Orchestra

Tchaikovsky – Nutcracker: Trepak and Sugar Plum Fairy          (P) Christchurch Symphony

Tchaikovsky – Serenade for Strings                                  (MC) Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Tchaikovsky – Symphony no. 2     , Little Russian           (P) NZSSSO

Tchaikovsky – Symphony no. 4                                         (R) Victoria University Orchestra

Tchaikovsky – Symphony no. 5                                         (MC) Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Tchaikovsky – Symphony no. 6                                         (R) Victoria University Orchestra

Tchaikovsky – Violin Concerto                                            (R) Victoria University Orchestra

Telemann – Concerto for two horns in D Major                (P) NZSSSO

Tomasi – Trombone Concerto                                            (P) Wellington Youth Orchestra

Verdi – Forces of Destiny Overture                                                (MC) Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Verdi – Pace, Pace (Forces of Destiny)                             (P) Victoria University Orchestra

Vivaldi – Summer – from The Four Seasons                    (P) Victoria University Orchestra

Weber – Concertino for Clarinet                                         (P) Wellington College Orchestra

Weber – Der Freishutz Overture                                        (P) NZSSSO

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