Wind Band

Arnold                                                             Four Scottish Dances

Bach                                                               Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

Ball, Eric                                                         Resurgam

Barker, Warren                                              Capriccio for Sax Quartet and Band

Barnes, James                                              Fantasy Variations on a theme by Paganini.

Barnes, James                                              Lonely Beach

Barnes, James                                              Pagan Dances

Beethoven                                                     Prometheus Overture

Bernstein                                                        Candide Overture

Bernstein                                                        Four Symphonic Dances, West Side Story

Bernstein                                                        Danzon

Bizet                                                                L’Arlesienne Suites 1 and 2

Bizet                                                                Suite from Carmen

Borgeouis                                                       Trombone Concerto

Chaminade                                                     Concertino for Flute

Copland                                                          Fanfare for the Common Man

Copland                                                          Hoe Down from “Rodeo”

Curnow, James                                              Fanfare and Flourishes

Curnow, James                                              Four Colonial Country Dances

De Meij, Johann                                             Symphony No 1. Lord of the Rings

Dukas                                                             The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Dvorak                                                            Carnival Overture

Dvorak                                                            Slavonic Dance No. 8

Elgar                                                               Nimrod

Elgar                                                               Pomp and Circumstance Marches no 1 and 4

Ellerby                                                             A “Silent Movie” Suite

Ellerby                                                             Paris Sketches

Friedemann                                                    Slavonic Rhapsody no. 2

Gershwin                                                        An American in Paris

Gershwin                                                        Cuban Overture

Gershwin                                                        Rhapsody in Blue

Gliere                                                              Russian Sailor’s Dance

Glinka                                                             Overture to Russlan and Ludmilla

Graham, Peter                                               Gaelforce

Graham, Peter                                               The Red Machine

Grainger, Percy                                             Gum Suckers March

Grainger, Percy                                             Irish Tune from County Derry

Grainger, Percy                                             Lincolnshire Posey

Grainger, Percy                                             Moll on the Shore

Grainger, Percy                                             Shepherd’s Hey

Haydn                                                             Trumpet Concerto

Hindemith                                                       Symphonic Metamorphoses

Holsinger                                                        Liturgical Dances

Holsinger                                                        To Tame the Perilous Skies

Holst                                                               Mars / Jupiter from The Planets

Holst                                                               Suite nos. 1 and 2 for Band

Hosay                                                             Persis Overture

Katchachurian                                               Waltz from “Masquerade”

Listz                                                                Les Preludes

Massanet                                                       Meditation from “Thais”

McAllister, Scott                                             Pop Copy

McBeth, Francis                                            Of Sailors and Whales

Milhaud                                                          Suite Francaise

Mozart                                                            Overture to the Marriage of Figaro

Mussorgsky                                                   Pictures at an Exhibition

Nelhybel                                                         Chorale

Niccoli                                                             Overture to The Merry Wives of Windsor

Offenbach                                                      Overture to Orpheus in the Underworld

Plog, Anthony                                                 Three miniatures for Tuba and band.

Ravel                                                              Bolero

Reed, Alfred                                                   El Camino Real

Reed, Alfred                                                   Othello

Reed, Alfred                                                   Third Suite for Band

Reed, Owen H.                                              La Fiesta Mexicana

Respighi                                                         Pines of Rome

Rimsky Korsakoff                                          Variations for Oboe on a theme by Glinka

Rossini                                                           Overture to The Barber of Seville

Rossini                                                           Roman Carnival Overture

Rossini                                                           William Tell Overture

Saint Saens                                                   Dance Bacchanale from “Samson and Delilah”

Saint Saens                                                   Finale from “Symphony No. 3”

Saint Saens                                                   March Francaise

Saint Saens                                                   March Heroique

Schumann, W                                               When Jesus Wept

Shostakovich                                                 Festive Overture

Shostakovich                                                 Galop from “Moscow Cheremushky”

Shostakovich                                                 Symphony no. 5 Finale

Sibelius                                                          Finlandia

Smith, Robert W.                                           Songs of Sailor and Sea

Sparke, Phillip                                                Celebration

Sparke, Phillip                                                Fiesta

Sparke, Phillip                                                Dance Movements

Sparke, Phillip                                                Music of the Spheres

Sparke, Phillip                                                Pantomine

Sparke, Phillip                                                Year of the Dragon

Stamp, Jack                                                   Bandancing

Strauss, Richard                                            Dance of the Seven Veils from “Salome”

Stravinsky                                                      The Firebird

Sullivan                                                           Pineapple Poll Suite

Tchaikovsky                                                   1812 Overture

Tchaikovsky                                                   Symphony No. 4 Finale

Ticheli                                                             Ave Maria

Ticheli                                                             Blue Shades

Ticheli                                                             Simple Gifts

Vaughan Williams                                           English Folk Song Suite

Vaughan Williams                                           Sea Songs

Vaughan Williams                                           Toccata Marziale

Verdi                                                               Overture to The Forces of Destiny

Verdi                                                               Prelude to Act 1 La Traviata

Vinter, Gilbert                                                 The Trumpets

Von Suppe                                                     Light Cavalry Overture

Wagner                                                          Elsa’s Process, Lohengrin

Wagner                                                          Overture to The Flying Dutchman

Wagner                                                          Overture to Tannhauser

Wagner                                                          Prelude to Act III of Lohengrin

Walton, William                                              Crown Imperial March

Walton, William                                              Orb and Sceptre March

Walton, William                                              Spitfire Prelude and Fugue

Weber                                                            Clarinet Concertino

Whitacre, Eric                                                 Equus

Whitacre, Eric                                                 Godzilla Eats Las Vegas

Whitacre, Eric                                                 October

Whitacre, Eric                                                 Sleep

Williams, John                                                Summon the Heroes

Wood                                                              Fantasia on British Sea Songs

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